Make life easy "Today's Decisions Make Tomorrow's Outcome."


Seller’s Profit Buyer’s Market Investment Firm is a Real Estate Transaction Facilitator & Coordinator servicing company in the Residential and Commercial industry. Our services are designed to fit completely with the needs of each client. We'll manage and coordinate your residential or commercial file from purchase and sale agreement through closing as well as pre-foreclosure processing.  Today, we work with hundreds of individuals each and every month to take the time, stress, and frustrations out of a traditional sale. The goal is to “Work Smarter Not Harder”. Outsourcing your transaction is 100% RISK FREE.

Invest into people that invest into you. SUCCESS isn’t about how much money you make. It’s about the DIFFERENCE you make in people’s lives.

We are more than just a company we help communities.


We don’t get paid unless you close. SPBM will minimize your workload through improved efficiency in paperwork transaction management. We handle the administrative task and you can rest assured knowing your transactions are being handled with great care.  The SPBM Firm has over 10 year’s experience in the Real Estate field. Since 2007 the SPBM has assist with purchasing and selling over 6,000 properties through various companies that they have owned and operated from Homeowners, Buyers, Brokers, Agents and Investors just like you.





stop VACancies and foreclosures

When a home becomes abandoned its' bruised and ugly exterior can ignite a neighborhood identity crisis.

The houses can attract crime, and bring down property values, and become eyesores nobody wants to see.  Neighbors may begin to lose faith in their community. Resident nearby start worrying about schools, about crime and the direction their neighborhood has gone. As people start leaving their homes, other homes become unsellable.

"It brings down not only the property values, but people's spirits,"


Keep your home looking good for sale

Clean Your House From Top To Bottom, De-Clutter and Depersonalize, first impressions count…catch-up on routine maintenance, Go neutral! “Antique White” from Dulux works well, Define the use of each room. Make sure your house is sellable however, if you want to go further and get creative, you need to understand an important concept: “Buyers are not looking to buy property! What they’re really looking to buy is a better life (property just happens to be the way they’ll get it).”

For the presentation of your house to really attract buyers (and the highest offers) you need to make buyers want what you’ve got – give them a glimpse of a better life and you’ll guarantee the maximum sale price for your home.

Can Anyone Open A Transaction?


YES anyone who lives in the United States can open a real estate transaction. All paperwork is process online. We send copies via email when needed and keep all paperwork up to 3 years in our system.