SPBM Management & Co. was Founded by Seller’s Profit Buyer’s Market Investment Firm Inc.


SPBM Investment Firm was built on teaching financial literacy to bring awareness. In today’s society everyone wants to learn how to create a second stream of income with out realizing it’s the financial knowledge they should invest into before jumping in. We have affiliated our selves with a company called S.W.A.G. Educate that teaches the 4 keys fundamentals in financial wealth. Once we have seen S.W.A.G. Educate we knew it will become one of the most highly anticipated workshops around the U.S. which lead us to create SPBM Management & Co. a private management company. Because of the workshop we are creating ways for private investors who has attend the workshop to aid them with the needs of property management to minimize the heck of being a landlord. As well as to allow the public to have access to off market rental properties, lease properties, whole properties and owner finances properties.