As busy as a real estate professional can be your days are spent answering calls, following up on leads or other business ventures, negotiating offers, viewing residential or commercial properties.  Additionally, you have to make sure the deals you have under contract are moving along or... No one will get paid!
In the past, many Investors process the deal themselves and come up with their own contracts to put in place. New investors can process transactions incorrectly which can place them in jail big time. If you are the type of investor that does bad deals, there is no need for you to come to SPBM. But if you are an investor who wants to make sure it's done correctly and to save you time we would love to work with you to close each and every transaction. An investor who hates doing paperwork don't worry, just leave it up to us. We expect all investors in the US please submit your own contract and we will review it for accuracy. We will call all parties to introduce ourselves as your coordinator making sure title is in place as well as inspection and everything else in between. We take it from the beginning to the end.  With only 24 hours in a day, what’s a busy professional to do?  Outsource the transaction coordinating work to the #1 leading real estate coordinating provider "Seller's Profit Buyer's Market Investment Firm!"  

Experts recommend outsourcing as an excellent tool to help you grow your business and have time to do more.

What type of Coordinator do you need

You need a Coordinator who is available during normal business hours to take care of the needs of your transaction and your clients, anything less should be unacceptable. We have an online paperwork filing/storage keeping things organized and available is essential to us, we are part of YOUR Team and we are here to make life easier.  SPBM contact the lender and everyone involve in the transaction shortly after receiving the file and introduce themselves as YOUR coordinator. Additionally we'll let the lender know that we'll be checking in with them on the Appraisal, Loan commitment, Clearing conditions, Verification of necessary signatures, initials and addendum on contracts, Complete commission disbursement forms, Open a file with escrow or Title Company, Update the title searches, Send copies of contracts to the buyer, seller, lender and other agents, Request the estimated HUD-1 statement, Provide weekly summaries with the status of each transaction and deadlines, Ensure all paperwork is provided to each party, Follow up with escrow or title company at closing. Provide reminders to listing agents to get a forwarding address, update the MLS, and remove the lockbox on the property and Give agents a reminder to contact former clients.

GET STARTED open a transaction online!  Let us help you grow... without the additional cost and responsibilities of a full-time, in-house Transaction Coordinator.


$150 Deposit Non-Refundable - This will be deducted from the actual price. 
Investors                                              Companies                                        Short Sales
$433 per transaction                          $433 per transaction                        1% of the Listing Price
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