When selling real estate, there are many issues that must be addressed on time as well as specialized paperwork required in some areas. When you're doing everything on your own, the last thing you want is for an offer to fall side ways because you missed a critical deadline involving your contract. Selling your own home can be one of the greatest challenges you'll ever take. Most homeowners who does a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) are not familiar with complex real estate laws, regulations, and/or the deadlines that must be met. Without this experience, it's very easy to make a potentially costly mistake or leave yourself open to legal action.


A Transaction Coordinator can be a valuable asset when you sell your own home.

  •  We will create a timeline calendar and remind all parties of these important due dates. 
  •  We will log all communication involving all parties in the transaction. 
  •  We will track and process paperwork and disclosures. 
  •  We will ensure compliance with every contract term. 
  •  We will provide a weekly report, so you can stay on top of every detail of the transaction. 
  •  We will help resolve any title issues. 
  •  We will make selling your home less stressful!

FSBO Transaction Coordination is $453 

Please note, we charge an additional $60 above our normal fee schedule when working with For Sale By Owner transactions. The above fee has the additional $60.00 included. If you would like us to work with the buyer as well, the total price is $513.  We are paid through escrow and we only get paid if the deal closes. 100% RISK FREE

FSBO Transaction Facilitator , Coordination & Listing is 1% - 2% of the Sales Cost

We'll provide all of the above as well as pulling the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) report to make sure we have the best price listed. You will have to provided pictures of your home , Place a sign in the front of your home, home will be listed on all social media platforms. We will create flyers, Set appointments for showings, Make sure buyers are approved for financing, 

Option: List on the MLS for additional 1% and not 6%. This can save you a lot of money!!! Your home will be listed on the home shopping network (TV) and we will also draft documents for the appraiser in preparation for the closing. 

Another Way to Sale Your Home

Owner Finance:    One of the fastest way to sell a property, If the seller owns the property free and clear, the loan can be created by SPBM.  If the seller already has a loan on the property, the loan payments can be assigned, using SPBM mortgage payment assignment sale.  When the property is sold with financing, it will generally sell FASTER and at a PREMIUM PRICE. Most of the down payment will go towards fees and closing costs.  SPBM Investment Firm can manage this entire process for you by contracting to buy your property from you, creating the loan and all necessary paperwork, and then assigning the contract to a buyer that would like to buy a property with owner financing. 
What if the buyer stops making the payments? 
Answer: If payments are missed, we have the right to foreclose on the property and retrieve it. In most cases it would be preferable, however, to call the buyer (or let our loan servicing company do this) and try to resolve the situation, by telling the buyer to deed the property back to us, so that the foreclosure will not affect them (and the destruction of their credit) is not necessary. But if the foreclosure is necessary then SPBM will take over the loan until a new buyer is in place. 
The advantage of SELLING a property through owner financing is that the buyers are actually buying the property and not renting. In most cases buyers have a pride in property ownership and care more for the property than renters.   
What kind of end buyer will buy the property? 
Answer: Possibly a person with less than perfect credit, but with an income sufficient to make the monthly payments, and enough up front cash necessary to pay most of the fees, and closing costs associated with SPBM Mortgage Payment Assignment Program. Possibly a self-employed person that can’t get a conventional loan in the current lending environment. In some cases, a buyer with excellent credit and income that simply can’t get a loan because of current underwriting standards, or simply does not want to put down the very high down payment required in the current lending environment.

Note: Every client is different some clients can be paid in full and some can be paid half up front with monthly payments in place. 

Seller's Profit Buyer's Market Investment Firm is an independent full-service transaction Facilitator & Coordination boutique firm with a team of in-house coordinators and facilitators dedicated to servicing you. We are a privately held firm with no ties to any other service provider. Our goal is to provide you with the best real estate experience ever.